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NSL Photography™, is the photographic home of Ned S. Levi, a long time professional photographer who over the last 30 years has specialized in architectural, documentation, event photography, and travel photography. If asked, Ned will tell you his photographic passion is in the areas of wildlife and travel photography.

While continuing work in documentation and event photography during the last ten years, Ned, via NSL Photography™ has continued to hone his skill and expertise in wildlife and travel photography, which has been the focus of his photography during that time.

NSL Photography™ is available to work with you in the above areas of interest, including creating images for you for doumentation, events, travel, and for your print and Internet communication and marketing programs.

Galapagos at SunsetNSL Photography™ has a wide variety of photographic equipment at its disposal which can assist in creating great images.

For example, NSL Photography™ utilizes its portable studio kit at events for non-profits which can supplement their event fundraising.