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NSL Photography™ was founded more than 35 years ago by Ned S. Levi. Over the years, while the focus of Ned's photography has changed, its quality has not.

Today, NSL Photography™, while concentrating on travel and wildlife photography, continues to be active in architectural, documentation and event photography.

NSL Photography™ has become active in photography education during the last five years and created the NSL Photography Blog about which you can learn more in our Journalism section of this website.

Ned on travel photography:

"Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, learning about our "Blue Planet," or viewing the infinite variety of Earth's majesty, and it's wide range of flora and fauna is an incredible opportunity for broadening one's knowledge and viewpoint.

Travel promotes understanding and amity among people, and not only enhances, and enriches the life of the traveler, but encourages a better world in the ever increasing integration of the societies of our planet.

The friends one makes, the places one visits, and the experiences one lives while traveling provides incalculable value for us all.

Travel photography is the best way I know to preserve the memories of the journeys taken. It provides a concrete method of commemorating our new friendships and knowledge."

As part of his committment to the education of new photographers Ned writes and teaches about photography, while continuing his own education through professional workshops and personal experimentation and new photographic projects.