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Through the NSL Photography™ Blog and other journalistic outlets, Ned S. Levi, the founder of NSL Associates and NSL Photography provides travel photography, and general photography education, as well as information and commentary on travel and the travel industry.

The NSL Photography™ Blog is primarily devoted to Travel Photography, though other photography discussion will be found here, which may enhance one's travel or travel photography experiences.

The NSL Photography Blog has been included in Photography Colleges' "Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs." It's listed at the top of the "Industry and Advice" section of the list.

In addition to the NSL Photography™ Blog, Ned is currently a staff member of Consumer Traveler, for which he writes a weekly opinion column about travel. Topics range all over the map and include commentary, reviews, destination information, and general travel discussion.

Ned's articles are found reprinted across the Internet and in many corporate newsletters.

Contact us if you're interested in Ned lecturing or running a photography workshop for your groups about travel photography, or photography in general Ned also gives talks about general travel topics.