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NSL Associates is an Internet consulting company, founded and headed by Ned S. Levi.

NSL Associates has been creating Internet business solutions, working with small to medium sized businesses and non-profits in the Greater Philadelphia Region, and the eastern United States since the early days of public Internet access.

NSL Associates, utilizing the expertise of its founder, Ned S. Levi brings a special blend of resources to business and non-profit organizations which seek to establish a comprehensive Internet presence.

NSL Associates puts Ned's top notch background of a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University's Carnegie Institute of Technology, and M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania to daily use in service of its clients to great use in developing and carrying out each client's Internet presence strategy. In addition, Ned's background in the arts, and is training and experience as a professional photographer are critical in helping clients execute their Internet plan.

NSL Associates works with its clients in all areas of their Internet strategy, from creating an Internet strategy, and from it a comprehensive Internet precense plan, to carrying out the details in the plan for email and website development, creation and maintenance, and the development and use of other Internet options such as, but not limited to technologies including Facebook, and Twitter, as just two examples.

Moreover, at NSL Associates, we recognize the great potential of the Internet for internal and external use of cloud computing, including the use of cloud computing for collaboration, backup, resource sharing, security, disaster recovery, etc. NSL Associates has for sometime carefully developed cloud computing strategies and implemented them for its clients.