NSL Associates Inc., founded by Ned S. Levi, has been the umbrella home of all NSL Associates Inc. businesses for more than twenty years.

NSL Associates itself is a "computer/computer network", and general tech consulting and services company.

NSL Associates provides comprehensive network design, purchase and maintenance services, computer purchasing and maintenance, as well as computer and software training. NSL Associates also provides comprehensive design and purchasing consulting for many other tech areas including copying and all-in-one units, telephone, as well as other systems and services.

In addition, NSL Associates provides "Internet presence consulting," providing Internet design services, as well as stategic services to create, maintain and modify, as needed, an organization's total presence in cyberspace.

NSL Photography™ specializes in documentation, architectural, catalog, and event photography, as well as a special emphasis in travel photography.

The NSL Photography™ Blog is an educational Internet blog devoted to travel photography as well as some general photography issues and topics. In addition to the NSL Photography™ Blog, NSL is involved in other journalism outlets devoted to topics of general travel and travel photography.

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